BAC Digital History Archive


BAC Digital History Archive


The BAC Digital Archive collects historic images of Belmont Abbey College, providing snapshots of the college’s nearly 150-year history as a liberal arts college in the Catholic and Benedictine traditions.

You can search through the images in this archive either by accessing one of the yearbook collections from this collection, or click this link to search by image tags.

Images in this collection are taken from campus publications that have been digitized by organizations such as DigitalNC and placed on the Internet Archive. Such publications include:

The BAC Digital Archive currently holds nearly a thousand images taken from 21 different yearbooks and campus publications. Ongoing work continues to expand the collection through the remaining corpus of historic photos.

This archive is also the source base of for the BAC HistoryBot, an automated Twitter account which daily posts images of Belmont Abbey’s history. Learn more about the BAC HistoryBot here.