History Major @ BAC

History Major @ Belmont Abbey College

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Department Mission: The History faculty aims to give students an awareness of the complexity and profundity of past human experience and to help them relate that understanding to contemporary issues. In accordance with our Catholic, Benedictine intellectual tradition, we try to help students develop an appreciation for the place and the value of the individual within the processes of social and structural transformation over time in hopes that they will develop empathy toward  their fellow human beings and seek the common good. Enabling our students to analyze and explore the human potential for both good and evil across many centuries and within diverse cultures, we try to help
them become men and women of virtue.

Department Goals: Ideally, an education in history produces students who are profound thinkers, committed to the lifelong pursuit of understanding the world around them and of finding their own meaningful place in it. The skills and methods that are developed through the study of history promote the sort of lateral thinking, analytical ability, and capacity to communicate in speech and writing that are necessary for future professional success. The history curriculum prepares students for many different career opportunities, including teaching, librarianship, business, government, law, museum and archival work, social work, and different forms of ministry.