Digital History Projects

Below are the current digital history projects completed or underway by members of the History Department. Click on the link below to learn more or contribute to the project.

Pilot Project: German POW Newspaper Project. (2018-2020)

This pilot project is designed as a small-scale experiment in crowdsourcing the transcription of historic documents. The document set chosen for this pilot project are newspapers published in German prisoner of war camps in the United States during World War II.

Project Leader: Daniel Hutchinson

Status: Launched/In progress

Course Project - Clio Walking Tour of Belmont Abbey Historic District (2018-2019)

Course: First Year Symposium (Fall 2018)

Students researchers used the Clio app to create entries related to the history of Belmont Abbey and its designation on the National Register of Historic Places. You can take the tour here.

Project Leader: Daniel Hutchinson

Status: Launched


Course Projects: BAC HistoryBot and the BAC Digital Archive (2019-2020)


Courses: Intro to the Digital Humanities, First Year Symposium (Fall 2019)

These projects employed student researchers to create on online archive of historic images of Belmont Abbey College, and to share those images via an automated Twitter bot. Students assembled nearly 1,000 images from for the initial stage of the project. Students in future semesters will add additional images.

Project Leader: Daniel Hutchinson

Project Status: Launched